Featured Products

Smart Door Contact Sensor

The Smart Door Contact Sensor provides accurate contact status of the access doors.  The door contact system assists users to monitor the contact points in facilitating the  security management of the premises.

Smart Air Quality Sensor

The Smart Air Quality Sensor focuses on providing value-added technologies to commercial and domestic customers. The unique design offers seamless integration and results in optimal system performance and enhanced efficiency. 


Operating with wireless LoRaWAN technology, the Smart CLIMAX Sensor enables indoor environment optimization and stabilization. It provides accurate measurement on air quality parameters for humidity and temperature.

Smart Soil Sensor

Smart Soil Sensor not only reads moisture and temperature on soil surface, but also nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels underground. It provides users with a long-term view into soil  management. 

Smart Water Leakage Detection Sensor

The leakage detection system is suitable to be applied in facilities and building management as it allows users to take precautionary measures in preventing serious water leakage which results in property damage.

Smart Distance Sensor

The Smart Distance Sensor enables storage capacity management for commercial use. It empowers users to manage the stock storage in providing accurate occupancies detection signal for the  storage cabinet or area.


The Smart IOT HUB empowers users to communicate with traditional protocol and encapsulate industrial automation in a tiny box. The system supports RS485, RS232 &  LAN interfaces and is suitable for industrial control integration.